Reality Field Virtual Production System 2023

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Reality Field makes building a virtual production workflow fast and easy! Supporting a multitude of trackers, cameras, and output formats, Reality Field acts as a "universal translator" for narrative virtual production.

In 2023, we won an Epic Megagrant and immediately set out to improve Reality Field. With a new team of developers, Reality Field has been almost entirely rewritten--with an emphasis on stability, usability, and featureset. As we approach this new release, we invite you to join the beta group and start testing this new release for yourself!

It will take time for documentation and tutorials to be updated to this new version, but for now the workflow is very similar.

Features include:

  • Support for SteamVR controllers/trackers, Antilatency, Optitrack, ReTracker, Free-D, Vive Mars, and more.
  • Support for full cluster output to LiveLink, Free-D, and OSC simultaneously.
  • Adds frame synchronization (via Decklink/LTC/Optitrack/Mars) to any output
  • Full tracker axis remapping, noise filtering, and camera/lens data attachment
  • Direct integration of RED, LONET, Arri and Sony camera APIs


  • Per-tracker data, camera, and timecode delay
  • Manual tracker offset
  • Zero just position or rotation
  • Save full state of software
  • Huge amount of customization (colors, 3D model, scale etc.)
  • Per tracker and per output unit scale
  • Much improved user feedback (logging, messaging system)
  • Hundreds of bug fixes and stability improvements



7 members
Trackers Supported
SteamVR, Vive Trackers, Antilatency, ReTracker (OG and Bliss,) Free-D, PosiStageNet, Qualisys, Optitrack, Vive Mars
Output formats supported
LiveLink, Free-D, OSC
Cameras Supported
RED RCP2, PTZ, Arri UMC/35, Arri CAP, Venice
Adjustable Output Frequency
1-1000hz, timecode sync
Lens Data Supported
Glassmark/Indiemark Encoders, lens data from cameras


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Reality Field Virtual Production System 2023

7 ratings